Yet another beautiful design from the Mexican studio, Anagrama. A contemporary take on tea packaging, Teastories finds itself in the realm of art with a blank canvas and a single brush stroke. Highly pigmented colors correspond to the type of tea and help bring life to the otherwise bare packaging structure. 

"Testories is a tea store offering selected premium tea products located in Vienna. The store offers a wide variety of teas that come from all over the world starting with black tea from Sri Lanka to green tea from Japan as well as various tea accessories. Teastories searches to represent the place where tea lovers are born, also offering an approachable way to enjoy high quality tea on the go."
"Our proposal created a brand that makes allusion to the natural accents of flavor and aroma in tea getting presented in a minimalistic and approachable way."
"This was obtained by using brush strokes using a subtle color palette referencing the essence of tea, which is present throughout the brand’s packaging. 
The logo brings together quotation marks and tea leaves, playing with the idea that every tea shares a different story. On the tea packaging, you can find quotations that describe the tea’s personality accentuating each tea’s different characteristics in a unique way."

Designed by Anagrama

Country: Mexico