Concepts We Wish Were Real: AutoZone

This week's Concepts We Wish Were Real focuses on rebranding the second-largest retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories in the United States. By creating cohesive and contemporary designs that truly stand out on the shelves, Art Center College of Design students from Pasadena, CA, have found a way to revitalize the brand's identity. 

Designed by: Xiaobin Li

The redesign of AutoZone guides young adults to transfer through this new phase of life smoothly by providing thoughtful and handy products that help new drivers be more confident but less nervous while driving.


Designed by: Tina Tsung (Hua-Hsuan Tsung)

The AutoZone redesign brings the sense of all-inclusive, efficient, and present image to the automotive parts industry and creates a credible and clear zone wherever, and whenever you need any assistance in car repairing. After the redesign, AutoZone is not only the second large retailer of after-market automotive parts and accessories in the US, but also provides an uplifting purchase experience for the consumers.


Designed by: Brittany Teng

Fixing your car is not the mundane task it used to be; it’s transformed into an experience that results in a rewarding sensation. AutoZone focuses on the idea of man embracing his true masculinity by welcoming new challenges and seizing the day. The rebrand of AutoZone eliminates the fear of inadequacy and empowers you to discover the heroic triumph of getting the job done. Chivalry isn’t dead. 


Designed by: Jenny Joe 

Autozone is a leading auto part retailer that provides hands-on experience and individual needs. The new Autozone packaging has fresh and simple form and encouraging the consumers grab their needs now.


Designed by: Jaekyu Lim

Rebranding Autozone and give new packaging. People are frustrated when their cars are broken, they are daunted by the idea that they lack mechanical knowledge and tools for cars. However, recent generation of people are capable of fixing their cars through self-guidance, thanks to the help of Autozone and internet. Autozone provides tools, parts, and some help for those who seek to repair their own cars. AutoZone will target the smart devices user and help them accomplish their smart life.


Designed by: Tian Huan Ho


In the modern world, a car is no longer just an automobile that takes people from one place to the other. It creates a relationship with the owner who has free desire to define it on the road, long or short. The redesign represents the long lasting and approachable packages of AutoZone to catalyze the relationship between car and its owner. The professional image of AutoZone is emphasized to expand the freeness of the customer to connect with the car.


Designed by: Suguru Ogata

The objective was to rebrand and redesign AutoZone’s packaging and identity. The rebranding and packaging of AutoZone seduces car enthusiast with the expression of playful dual functionality and industrial appearance. The wrench hooked into a curved rubber package transforming into a grip when bent is one example to express the mischievous factor that awakens inner child all enthusiasts possess. Just imagine playing with my packages in your garage, you can never leave your car.


Designed by: Rudy Rummel

Focusing on the raw ingredients available at AutoZone will entice and even seduce the new craftsman into an open, friendly, fresh yet sophisticated retail and packaging experience that is sure to reward "do-it-yourselfers" of all kinds.