For all you coffee lovers out there, get a load of this. MOCCATO's bright and colorful packaging delivers flavorful morning pick-me-ups to your door. From the best local producers, tiny coffee pods are stacked in a frosty box, dressed in a diecut black sleeve. 

"It was vital that we came up with something young and cosmopolitan. The stencil logotype was our re-interpretation of something very traditional to the coffee industry (the coffee sacks and wooden boxes used for transportation), and also a nod to street art, young and nonconformist by nature. And lastly, sure, it also resembles the curved shapes of coffee beans. The boxes are practical and small - so the consumer can handle and store them easily. Each color relates to a flavor, but the diecut of the stencil letters is random, which makes the boxes different in every shipment (a fun spelling game to keep in the pantry). 

The same thought went into designing the website, that should be not only a quick and simple buying process but a joyful and informative experience."


Coders: Dimas Cyriaco, Gustavo Saiani

Photographer: Marcello Cavalcanti

Designed by Rodrigo Saiani, Lucas Campoi, Dominique Kronemberger, Flora de Carvalho

Country: Brazil