Mezcal de Bateo

Free from gimmicks, Mezcal de Bateo is simply a pure and delicious beverage. The folks at Futura wanted to set this mezcal apart from others on the market, so they opted to keep the design straightforward and totally uncomplicated.

“Far from repeating the same speech as every other mezcal out there; it's Mexican and handcrafted, the tradition of drinking it is way older than it's new global acclaim; ‘Mezcal de Bateo’ aims to be the beverage for those who already know how to drink mezcal, for those who enjoy it the way it should be. This is the mezcal we have at home, the one we drink daily without simulations or exaggerated rituals.”

The inspiration for Mezcal de Bateo seems almost scientific, with just text and basic graphics. Each bottle has a frosted look to it, with basic black used for the typeface and bottlecap. Using an easy-to-follow visual system without bright colors, eye-catching images, or innovative fonts, it puts the consumer’s focus into the quality of the mezcal.


“The name makes reference to this ‘everydayness’ and the branding solution is focused on being 100% functional, homogeneous and informative. A transparent product in every sense. So let's forget about the worm, the salt or the chilli spiced orange slice...a glass of water is the ideal accompaniment for a shot of ‘Mezcal de Bateo,’ and that's it.”


Designed by: Futura

Country: Mexico

City: Mexico City