I’m a sucker for bold and bright color combos, so I’m 100% on board with this design for Frutaria drinks. Frutaria is a line of nectars made from vegetables and fruits with therapeutic properties intended to bring health to those who drink it. Designed by Estúdio Cão and Thiago Gil Riboura, vivid hues and captivating patterns combine beautifully to create lively, energetic packaging.

“The main goal of the design project was to reduce the number of visual focus, leaving the front panel with lighter packaging and quicker understanding. In a second step the aesthetics addressed sought a more fitness-oriented positioning, combining brighter color palettes and lighter and organic lettering with patterns specific to each combination of ingredients. The initial study serves as a visual key to the diagram of other lines of Frutaria products.”

Although intended to be a wonderful choice for the health-conscious, Frutaria is first and foremost a line of delicious nectars. Each container of Frutaria uses rich hues to emphasize the delicious drink inside, while the energetic font gives off a health- and fitness-inspired vibe. Each flavor has its own enticing background design and color palette, perfect for a refreshing beverage. The bold design choices for Frutaria not only make it easy to notice and recognize, but also imply that life with this product will be more vibrant than without.


Designed by: Estúdio Cão, Thiago Gil Riboura

Country: Brazil