Enjoy the health of a juice bar from the comfort of your own home. Before selling these beautiful and simple bottles online, THINK Press recruited the Umbrella Collective to design a complete rebrand.

“The team worked to a brief of creating a luxury, British brand for an online cold pressed juice store. It was extremely important to keep the vibrancy of the juice intact, whilst communicating simplicity and purity. The Orion film substrate texture oozes luxury, with the individual foils on each bottle representing the handmade nature of the product.”

THINK Press is written in two different fonts — one tall, thin, and subtle against the label and a thick, slightly smaller serif font beneath the other. The clear bottle allows the beautiful, earthy colors of the juices to be seen, but a large white label rests on top. There is a large section of untouched white space, indicating the product’s pure ingredients, and each cap is white as well, giving the bottles a pristine appearance.

Branding a juice company as simple and clean is a common approach, but THINK Press is done in a way that implies an overall higher quality. The large white label is a stark contrast to the juice’s colors, making it an recognizable among other juices on the market. Also, it allows for plenty of useful information to be available to consumers, which is helpful when they are merely being delivered right to you door instead of purchased at a juice bar.


Designed by Umbrella Collective

Country: United Kingdom

City: London