NEW Lean Cuisine

What a transformation! Lean Cuisine gets a facelift that revitalizes the product, and packaging. By shifting the brand's focus to what many women desire, Lean Cuisine has transformed into gourmet, chef-inspired dishes that fuse together ethnic ingredients. Although the logo remains unaltered, the copy has been rewritten. With "Marketplace" replacing "favorites" and the variety of dishes being described like they could be served at a 5-star restaurant, Lean Cusine has found a way to make frozen food irresistible with bold packaging that is visually authentic. 



“We’ve committed ourselves to completely making over Lean Cuisine® to align with the way people are selecting and enjoying their food,” said Jeff Hamilton, president of Nestlé Prepared Foods. “Giving shoppers choices within the frozen food aisle is a pillar of the Lean Cuisine® brand, and we know that they want more than just new flavors – they want transparency around ingredients in their food and they are seeking new approaches. We’re motivated to do what’s right for our consumers, and from the Lean Cuisine® brand, offering a greater ingredient choice is something we know they want.”


Designed by Nestlé USA

Country: United States