A Lareira

Take away, with style. I’ve never tried Galician cuisine, the food native to the northwest part of Spain, but when I do get some I hope it’s from A Lareira. The take-out packaging, designed by Laura Planas, Loreley Videla, and Lucía Eirea, makes getting delicious food to go practical and pretty.

Instead of plastic bags and flimsy disposable silverware, A Lareira is a total treat for the food lover. With cerulean, coffee bean brown, and rich green hues against a crisp white, it has a hint of ocean inspiration. Of course, this makes sense — Galicia has a large Atlantic coastline.

Take away boxes stand alone but can be laid out together to form different flowing images. They open up flat, acting as a perfect plate when you get the food for a picnic or other occasion where you won’t have your own dishware. Wooden silverware adds a touch of class and quality that plastic forks and knives lack. Everything, including matching to-go cups, is then easily packed in a one-of-a-kind box with tall handles, allowing the consumer to carry it without worry of food or beverages tipping over.

“Pack to take away traditional Galician food, inspired by the Celtic forms and ceramics of Sargadelos. Using a cold color that brings us to an aesthetic north. Through geometric shapes drawn from the ceramic mosaic uniting all packs it is generated.”


Designed by Laura Planas, Loreley Videla, Lucía Eirea

Country: Spain

City: Barcelona