MK Collaborations Box Set

Black and white and a dash of color. The MK Collaboration series is designed by Jefferson Cheng, and it features Lindsey Muscato for their second partnership, keeping the design simple to highlight her exquisite illustrations.

“The design for the second MK Collaboration series features precise and meticulous drawings of artist Lindsey Muscato. Her drawings of the syrup's fruit and vegetable essences adorns the box and recipe cards that comes with it. The pop of color and the clean typographic treatment gives a modern sophistication against her delicate drawings.”

Her images look as if she drew them on each box individually with a pencil, using shading techniques to give the fruits and vegetables life. Labels are laid on each box off-center, allowing the drawings to match up when one is stacked on top of the other after being turned 90 degrees. Color-coding is used for each type — yellow for lemon or red for apple, for example. The recipe cards also have this splash of color on them, tying each one into the brand. The handiwork of the illustrations and the brown box make the box sets feel like something pulled from your own garden.


Designed by Jefferson Cheng

Country: United States

City: San Francisco, CA