Ratafia de l'avia

By changing the bottle design with a qualitative touch contrasting with the dark liquid contained inside, the client aims to get a classical product to achieve a contemporary up-to-date image. 

Puigdemont Roca proposed the abstraction of a classical granny’s grey hair in a bun as the image of the bottle, which contrasts with a minimalist typographic composition, as well as the use of golden colour in the lettering parts and the capsule.

Once the serigraph was done in the bottle contrasting with the colour of the liquid inside, they obtained a spectacular stunning and modern look result. They also preposed the idea of using grey hair wigs with a bun to be worn by the waitresses whenever there were parties in which the product was launched, what turned into a very successful idea.


Designed by Puigdemont Roca

Client: Sorel

Country: Spain