Bueno de Alegoria

A morning and mid-afternoon delight. Bueno de Alegoria is truly a coffee-lovers dream designed by Chapter in Mexico. Eloquent caligraphy sits on top of the labels as the brand's logo. A number below indicates the brews strength for easy identification while the packaging substrates draw the consumer in. 

"Bueno de Alegoría is a malt coffee brand based in Monterrey, Mexico. Artisanal and mysterious vibes surround the brand to highlight its main difference from regular coffee, as they are the first of their kind in the country. Since the whole product line is just being introduced into the market, the use of various materials but consistent shapes was the main resource in developing the brand’s graphics. A combination of traditional lettering methods and contemporary typography gives contrast to the identity."


Creative Director: Carlos Rubio 

Art Director: Rodrigo Castro 

Designers: Abigail Faudoa, Beatriz Montaño 

Photography: Juma Herrera for Nation Visuals

Designed by Chapter

Country: Mexico