Poplars Chocolate

Just like the dreamy, romantic paintings from which it’s inspired, Poplars chocolate is absolutely stunning. The name and pattern are both inspired by Claude Monet’s paintings in the Poplar Series. Making Poplars undeniably French, Abdulaziz Aljafen has created the brand identity and packaging using Monet as inspiration and designing a logo that refers to the French coat of arms.

Monet’s paintings are scattered throughout Poplars’ branding, and light, pastel hues complement the images. Along with the French coat of arms, the brand exudes class and high quality. There are some background designs, almost like a wallpaper in an extravagant home, and some gradient greens and reds, but the overall look is simple and regal. Poplars’ brand and their products embody the idea that less is more.

Poplars keeps small delicacies arranged beautifully in boxes and bags. The desserts themselves are works of art — a dainty macaron or a cocoa dusted truffle — so allowing enough space for each individual sweet treat was important. Along with work from Monet on the packaging, the consumer feels like he or she is enjoying a curated (and edible!) art piece.


Designed by: Abdulaziz Aljafen

Country: Saudi Arabia