Dry Creek Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel

Rolling hills, rows of grapevines, picturesque sunsets — these are the exact wine bottle clichés that Dry Creek Vineyard wanted to avoid with their most recent Old Vine Zinfandel. Of course, they also didn’t want to alienate existing customers and still honor the winemakers’ expertise and the vineyard’s history. Auston Design Group has created a new label for Dry Creek Vineyard to communicate all of these things, making the brand stand out and avoid the expected visual tropes.

“To avoid the usual tropes, we sought inspiration from the time when Dry Creek Vineyard's vines were planted. A steam ship ticket from the 1910’s served as inspiration, helping provide fuel for a label that is rich in both winemaking and visual details. Design cues include a ticket style die-cut and weathered texture. Elements like the dry-farmed stamp and hand-written harvest date markings are variably printed so that they are positioned slightly different from bottle to bottle — giving the label an authentic individual hand-stamped feel.”

The label certainly heads in a different direction from what we’re used to seeing, such as typical vineyard scenes or clean and simple minimalism. Since it is unique, this instantly piques the consumer’s interest. Each label presents important information, such as the vineyard location and alcohol content, that is entirely inspired by a steam ship ticket. Even by itself, the idea of having a ticket as the label design pits the wine as more of an experience rather than just a products. It makes the drink feel special and memorable.

“Visually engaging, this package presents information in a way that appeals to the average consumer, yet has all the technical specifications that a wine connoisseur loves — including information about the cork. It was our hope that this package could allow a wine-drinker to discover something new each time they came for a bottle.”


Designed by Auston Design Group

Country: United States