Owen + Alchemy

This modern alchemy looks beautiful and delicious. Owen + Alchemy is a small “juice apothecary” in a trendy, growing neighborhood of Chicago called Logan Square. Potluck Creative designed the brand and packaging, contemporizing the idea of a medieval apothecary.

“Owen + Alchemy is a small ‘juice apothecary’ in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, a very trendy and flourishing part of town. The owner, Anne Owen, has a background in fashion publications in Miami and wanted to bring that simple, stark and fashion-forward look to her juice bar. Her name, paired with the alchemic approach of their juice and food concoctions led us to create this brand inspired by old alchemic symbology, with a modern twist.”

Owen + Alchemy’s juices are packaged in clear bottles, looking almost like oversized vials of medicine. Each juice variety has an assigned number, largely written in white on the matte black label, as well as a cryptic symbol in gold. This makes every single bottle seem incredibly unique. The brand name is placed directly on the bottle in all caps, and behind it the vivid colors of the juices tempt the consumer. A small plastic wrap seals each juice, ensuring freshness.

By keeping the design simple, emphasis is placed on the purity of the ingredients. Whether it’s a salad or a newly squeezed bottle of carrot juice, the idea is that these natural ingredients can improve your health and your life — the same belief people had in apothecaries hundreds of years ago.


Designed by Potluck Creative

Country: United States

City: Chicago,