The Summer Collection

Over here at The Dieline we are blessed with living in Los Angeles, a city where the sun is always shining. I need to keep my pedicure fresh all year long since sandals can realistically be worn 360 days of the year. But, most cities aren’t so balmy year round and actually have to go through real seasons! People spend the year looking forward to those three summer months and they feel very celebratory when they finally arrive. 

It’s time for bikinis and pools, farmer’s markets full of fresh produce, and the annual limited edition “summer packaging” of your favorite products. I’ve poked around and put together a few of my favorites for Summer 2015. Take a peek!

MAC Wash & Dry Collection

Mac makeup is a personal favorite of mine. They have long been known for their amazing limited edition and collectible lines of products. Earlier this year The Dieline featured the Isabel and Ruben Toledo collection which was a work of art I coveted but never did purchase. 

For summer 2015 Mac has released the limited edition, bright and fun “Wash and Dry” Collection. They have stepped away from their iconic all-black packaging and replaced it with a head-turning metallic trio of colors. Perfect hues for bronzy, warm summer days and evenings watching sunsets. This collection is gorgeous! Mac always knows how to do it right. 


Sprite “Obey Your Verse”

Well this is a fun one. Sprite’s usual slogan “Obey Your Thirst” has been updated for Summer 2015 to “Obey Your Verse.” What verse are they talking about? Oh, just lyrics from some of hip hops favorites like Notorious B.I.G., Rakim, Nas, and Drake. All summer long Sprite will be featuring lyrics from these artists on the side of their cans, bottles and packaging. I wonder if Biggie would be rolling in his grave?

Still branded with the classic Sprite green, white and yellow palette, there are 16 collectible cans out there. The lyrics are typeset in a variety of fonts, which make me wonder how they chose which to associate with each artist. Helvetica Bold Extended for Biggie? I guess it could be considered a BIG “classic.” Regardless, it's a really fun campaign idea and interesting to see Sprite getting in on that hip hop culture for the summer. 


CK One Summer

Calvin Klein’s most popular unisex fragrance, CK One, is known for their annual summer release of a limited edition fragrance and new bottle design. The 2015 packaging is the pure essence of summer. A gradient of imagery and color, this design is all about the sea, sun and fun. The base of the packaging starts with a white sand beach and carries through to the top with shades of turquoise and blue waters. The fragrance bottle has a subtle ripple effect mimicking the waves of an ocean lapping onto the sandy shore. 

And, along with the limited edition fragrance this year, CK One has also released a small makeup palette of summer shades. With packaging that blends seamlessly into the Summer 2015 art direction, it's a really sweet collection when placed all together.


Magnum Ice Cream Bars

Which one are you? Playful Pink or Sophisticated Black? That’s the new ad campaign for Magnum Ice Cream’s two new limited edition flavors for Summer 2015. And, nothing represents summer better than ice cream. 

Playful Pink Raspberry is a raspberry ice cream with a saucy swirl through it, coated in chocolate with a pearlescent pink shell. That’s right, a pearlescent pink shell! While Sophisticated Black Espresso is vanilla with a saucy swirl of coffee and coated in the much more mature chocolate. Magnum is a premium ice cream, targeted at the adult market, so the packaging replaces rainbow colors and happy kids with an art direction that’s a bit more mature. Anointed with the “royal” Magnum logo taking up 50% of the hot pink or jet black packaging real estate, you can’t miss these in the ice cream aisle.


Bamboo Beach Summer Sun

Alterna Haircare is luxury hair care line, know for using “cutting-edge” ingredients in their products, such as hemp, bamboo and caviar (really?). It’s Summer 2015 and they’ve just released a limited edition collection of hair care essentials that are specifically targeted for those summery, salt watery, dry hair issues. Introducing the Bamboo Beach Collection! 

The packaging for the Bamboo Beach products would blend in seamlessly on a shelf in a fancy Hawaiian spa. It’s warm, tropical and summery. Colors ranging from ocean blues to golden sunshine and bronzy tans. But the element that really kicks this design up is the oversized wooden cap that sits atop the products. It’s not every day you see wood incorporated into your plastic hair care packaging. I’m really digging the contrast! 


Chandon Summer Campaign

Summertime brings out wonderful outdoor events, food and cocktails a plenty. For the 5th year in a row, Chandon has released their limited edition summer bottle design which is rocking stripes this year! For Summer 2015 there is a “Red, White and Rosé” campaign going full steam, with the introduction of a rosé into the summer mix.

Wrapped around in red, white and rosé stripes, the bottle is festive and fashionable. Stripes are a classic, they conjure up images of poolside umbrellas, nautical adventures, and of course the American flag. A chilled bottle this pretty would be the perfect party gift to bring along to any event. Champagne is versatile, perfect for any hour of a summer day – brunch, lunch or cocktails. #ChandonSummer


Tarte Cosmetics: Poppy Picnic Collection

Summertime is a popular season to release new makeup shades. Tarte Cosmetics has created a limited edition Summer 2015 palette that is pretty before you even apply it. Tarte Cosmetics have always been known for their fresh and fun art direction. With a bright purple for their brand color, they tend to pair their looks with other vibrant hues and bring in patterns of all sorts. 

The Summer 2015 Poppy Picnic collection follows this art direction. The eye and cheek palette feels like a fashion accessory of its own. Sleek and hard edged, the packaging is a metallic gold with an oversized fuschia and purple poppy pattern printed across it. Honestly, I think it could pass as a  clutch if paired with the right outfit. It’s just that pretty. 


Written by Jenifer Tracy

Jenifer Tracy is the owner and Creative Director of JENCO CREATIVE, a boutique graphic design studio founded in 2007 in sunny Los Angeles. Jenifer’s work has been recognized as smart, effective and inspired and has won multiple awards. Having worked with a diverse range of clients from the  Got MILK campaign to Mary J. Blige, Jenifer has a relentless desire to create quality work that expresses her client’s personality and vision.

On a personal note, Jenifer splits her time between Los Angeles and London, is a French Bulldog enthusiast and a “cute shit” collector. As a designer with a deep love for pretty packaging, Jenifer is thrilled to be blogging for The Dieline, a site she’s been a fan of for years. Jenifer spends her spare time dog walking her frenchie Pippin, getting her nails done and napping. She’s also known for being a big loud talker and laughing a lot.