LYRA Gianduja Chocolate

LYRA Chocolate looks absolutely delightful and delicious — a premium choice in the fine chocolate market. After success with their Bean-to-Bar and Absolut varieties, LYRA has released Fruity Gianduja and Just Gianduja. Michal Slovák designed the packaging for the newest flavors to go hand in hand with the essence and taste of the bars.

“Since 2012 LYRA has stood for the highest quality handmade chocolate made in Slovakia. LYRA chocolate, made of the finest cocoa beans, criollo and trinitario and grown on the plantations in the Middle and South America, was granted an international award, Great Taste 2014.”

“This year they decided to place a new line of their own recipe premium products on the market. The aim was to create new packages for the premium products. Simple, playful and extraordinary just like the products themselves and this way distinguishable from the other chocolate. The bars are from kraft paper and feature a colourful graphic, indicative of the pure fresh ingredients used to create it.”

Using kraft paper and colorful graphics, the minimal design is a nod to the fresh ingredients used to create the chocolate bars. The LYRA logo features a rectangular block of dark brown, just like one of their bars of chocolate, and once unwrapped, gold foil with the LYRA brand name covers each bar. The Fruity Gianduja bars have small colorful shapes on the front, while the Just Gianduja has small brown lines of varying shades. Both designs almost look like festive sprinkles covering the labels, and if well-made chocolate isn’t a reason for celebration, then what is?


Designed by: Michal Slovák

Client: LYRA Chocolate

Country: Slovakia