Crafty Dan

Raise your glass to Crafty Dan! With over two hundred years of brewing success, Thwaites created their new range of brews as an innovative response to the growing craft beer market. WPA Pinfold designed Crafty Dan, aiming to keep the loyalty of current consumers but also expand the brewery’s horizons.

“The creation of the Crafty Dan range is Thwaites’ answer to the American craft beer revolution that has hit our shores. These beers are bolder, with bigger flavours – yet, ironically, are based on traditional English ale styles. Each design has a clear definition of its beer style (which is a key communicator for today’s more experimental drinkers) and supporting copy emphasises the more challenging ingredients and flavours.”

Three varieties are available: a Golden Ale, an IPA, and a Brown Ale, or the Triple C, 13 Guns, and Big Ben, respectively. Each label is slightly off-white, with a black sans serif font, and each flavor has its own color identity. This color is used for the written text of each brew’s name as well as the representative illustration on the front. A small version of this image also appears on the bottlecap.

Crafty Dan cans are entirely eggshell white with the same design as the bottles. Overall, they appear traditional and rooted in their history, but the unique, bold flavors perfectly appeal to today’s discerning beer drinker.

“The new branding and packaging uses a classic illustration style and crafted lettering – presenting it in a fresh, clean contemporary way. The challenge was to integrate the branding across all packaging formats (bottle, can and fount) and communicate a premium positioning. The designs have roots in traditional scraper board illustration style, with a contemporary edge that resonates with the graphic style for craft beers in the USA.”


Designed by WPA Pinfold

Client: Daniel Thwaites

Country: United Kingdom

City: London and Leeds