Pico de Gallo


As a lover of Mexican cuisine, I’ve officially added Pico de Gallo to my list of restaurants to visit. The Mexican eatery features trendy turquoise details against a black background, placing it at a crossroads of tradition and innovation. Bienal Comunicación designed Pico de Gallo with the goal to root it deep in Mexican history but also highlight its unique fare.

“Pico de Gallo is a contemporary Mexican restaurant in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, with an elegant and irreverent personality. It offers a peculiar style of Mexican cuisine, with ancestral and modern technics, that respects the Yucatecan traditions but mixes them with the ones from the capital to create something unique and authentic in this city.”

A blue tile-inspired design appears consistently throughout Pico de Gallo’s branding, and placed in front of a dark background, the restaurant gives off an edgy, youthful vibe. This carries over to the image of a very serious-looking, suit-wearing rooster used in their marketing who makes the brand instantly recognizable. So much of Pico de Gallo is a combination of old and new — old-fashioned mason jars used to serve innovative cocktails or the restaurant’s walls covered partially in the tile design and partially in bright blocks of color or exposed concrete. Even the box of matches and lighter represent this, offering both what is traditionally found at restaurants and remaining contemporary.

“The naming was inspired in the typical Mexican salsa, and we created a congruent atmosphere with essential flavors from Mexican cuisine. We collaborated with architect Gerardo Sarur to create an integral work where branding breathes along with the interiors so they can coexist in an organic way, to be in harmony with the eccentric graphic concept inspired in traditional Mexican cantinas but adapted to new generations. It’s a work made with eyes fixated in the present, but respecting the Mexican roots to find new possibilities and meanings inside our culture.”


Designed by  Bienal Comunicación

Country: Mexico