Djurdjic Winery

Colors are known to elicit certain feelings in us. For example, blue comes off as tranquil, red as powerful, or purple as luxurious. Vinarija Đurđić’s (or Djurdjic Winery) wines from Serbia opt for large blocks of color on the packaging, steering away from rustic vineyard images or traditional fonts. The minimal designs by Peter Gregson Studio look delightfully simple all together, and we can’t help but think that each hue indicates some of the tasting notes of each wine.

Offering up the technical information about the wine in an easy way, everything is written on the label in a font that looks almost like it was typed with an old-fashioned typewriter. Each type of wine is written in the same color that is used as the large block of color on the opposite side of the label, while the remainder (including the logo) is black and white. The capsule at the top of the bottle also features a small rectangle of the same hue.

The wines appear modern, and have the ability to stand alone but look even more effective when lined up next to each other. With bottles that are bold and unique, Djurdjic Winery clearly wanted their wines to take an entirely different approach.


Designed by Peter Gregson Studio

Country: Serbia