NOMONO New Zealand Freestyle APA

Meet NOMONO: the fiery APA dragon and SOLIPIWKO Brewery's mascot. This beast shows its true colors as it wraps itself around the beer bottle in perfect symmetry. A split personality is revealed with the complementary colors, red and green, opposing one another while simultaneously remaining in unison. 

"NOMONO New Zealand Freestyle APA beer is the product of NOMONO creative studio and SOLIPIWKO Brewery cooperation. 

Common brewing and bottling led us to cooperation on the graphic design of the label, which reflects the creative madness as well as aromatic and bitter nature of the New Zealand hops. 

NOMONO – born out of love for beer and good design."


Creative Director / Designer: Grzegorz Chorostecki 

Illustrator: Aleksandra Marchocka

3D Designer: Marcin Malewski 

Designed by NOMONO

Client: Solipiwko Brewery

Country: Poland