Warning: do not look at this post if you are even remotely hungry.

Wanting to go beyond the concept of “healthy food,” Bienal Comunicación created an identity and design for Pilgreen, aiming to make a brand with extra value and a unique feeling of community. The restaurant offers health food and is also a small market selling specialized merchandise and goodies.

The name “Pilgreen” combines the ideas behind two words. First, the word “pilgrim,” someone who is on a journey to a holy place where happiness is found. The other word, “green,” implying the fresh ingredients used and the hearty offerings at the store. Pilgreen is a place for people to find harmony and balance in their lives while enjoying a healthy meal.

“‘All different but all help each other get the fruit from the tree’ was the philosophy that inspired us to create the logo’s illustration, four different animals gathered to get the same thing. Each animal was selected because of the social value they represent. The elephant, a symbol of strength and support that shares the happiness and intelligence of the monkey, that at the same time, gives support to the rabbit. The rabbit reflects life and prudence, and at last, the bird that gives us a sense of friendship and freedom.”

The logo is iconic and perfect for tying all different types of foods together under the same brand. Using a classic illustration style in black and white, it appears almost as if it were drawn with a pen on each item. Keeping it simple allows it to morph and fit all different types of products, displayed on smoothie cups, spices, teas, and even the menu itself. The idea upon which the logo was created (“All different but all help each other”) is the foundation for Pilgreen, however its design elements let it grow depending on the restaurant’s offerings.


Designed by: Bienal Comunicación

Country: Mexico