Nula Soy Fragranced Candles

Nula Soy Fragranced Candles are an experience for the senses. Each candle has been formulated to to elicit the feelings of being in a beautiful place, and their journey currently includes a stop at the Elizabethean Gardens, Las Pampas, Maui Beach, Bali, Blue Mountains, and Peaceful Earth. Visual Sense created the branding, packaging, and website for Nula Soy candles, and attention was spent on creating a one-of-a-kind adventure for the consumer.

“The Nula Soy marque the has a natural organic character, to fully reflect the character of the candles. We developed a marque that had both a seed-like (organic/natural) and also flame-like (candles) quality. The left-hand side of the marque always carries the main brand colours – brown and green to reflect the organic qualities of the brand. The colours on the right-hand side of the marque are matched to the fragrance colour. As an identity it’s quite fluid and adaptable.”

The images were created by Visual Sense as they worked closely with Nula Soy, aiming to capture the essence of each location and each scent. Some elements of the illustrations are merely created to evoke certain emotions that one might tie to a place. Other illustrations, though, give literal clues of the destination. For example, Maui Beach features images of the Pikake flower and the moon, indicating the time of day when the flower releases its fragrance.

Considering the beautiful illustrations and variety of colors on the packaging, the candle’s glassware is minimal yet radiant. These single colors tie in perfectly with the packaging, and remind buyers of the initial image they encountered.

“The colours of the glassware were adapted from existing swatches sent from the colour-coaters, we modified these to closely match colours from each candle’s accompanying illustration - this was an iterative process to get the colours just right. The glassware itself was shipped from Bavaria, then colour-coated in the UK and finally shipped to a third supplier for the branding to be applied to the outside. We utilised expertise within specific fields to fulfil the requirement.”

“The unique element for this project was the ‘reveal’. We chose to make the outer tube slightly shorter and deliberately simple, so that an enticing glimpse of the illustration on the inner tube can be seen. We wanted the packaging to be an emotive experience, from the first glimpse of the outer sleeve to the slow reveal of the full illustration and finally the candle inside - a journey for both the visual and olfactory senses.”


Designed by: Visual Sense

Client: Nula Soy

Country: United Kingdom

City: Chesire