Nongfu Spring Mineral Water

We’d expect to see enchanting illustrations in children's books, but not necessarily on bottles of water. Horse created the design for Nongfu Spring Mineral Water, a new product aimed at a younger market. The bottle features a leak-free cap and whimsical illustrations from renowned artist Brett Ryder.

“Horse commissioned Ryder to create a set of fantastical illustrations reflecting the four seasons and depicting the wild species that inhabit the nature reserve where the water is sourced.”

“The water comes from Moya Spring, located at the northern edge of Changbai Mountain in Lushuihe National Forest Park, a region densely covered by coniferous forest and habitat to an array of wild species.”

The illustrations feature ordinary animals in fantastical situations — a butterfly helping a frog to fly or an ice skating lynx, for example. Each image is done in the same style, filled with rich colors that reflect the mood of each season. In the background of each illustration, a row of grey, misty mountaintops appears.

The bottle has a primarily smooth surface, perfect for each work of art to rest on. The red of the leak-proof bottlecap matches the hue of the logo, streamlining the design. It allows the brand name to stand out but also keep essential package design elements from distracting the consumer. The design and illustrations elevate Nongfu Spring Mineral Water above and beyond an average water bottle, turning the simple product into a vivid and imaginative experience.

“The label design imaginatively brings the natural world of the water source to life in a way that appeals to young people," says Sarah Pidgeon, creative partner at Horse.


Designed by: Horse

Client: Nongfu Spring

Country: United Kingdom