TALMELIER is minimalism at its finest. With a striking white and royal blue accents, we’re reminded that it’s the simple things in life that make it worthwhile. Princess De La Cruz designed the bakery and coffee shop based in London, creating an identity that would allow the pastries and other goods to speak for themselves.

“This bakery mixes modernity and the roots of the French bakery. The idea is to recreate the history of the French bakery in modern, vibrant and clean tones. The name TALMELIER would be the old name of French bakers (boulanger français). Two hypotheses on the origin of this word: talmelier would derive from sifting, or mix. The word baker (boulanger) appears later in the late 12th century.”

TALEMELIER’s clean approach gives us the impression that it’s the sort of cafe you sit in as you sip an espresso, quietly observing the passers-by or enjoying a good book. Everything is perfectly contained — the logo in a small circle and lines on the outside of pastry boxes and business cards. A tiny wheat image stands at the top of the TALMELIER logo, representing the source of the ingredients and also recognizing the elements taken from traditional French bakeries.


Designed by Princess De La Cruz

Country: Switzerland

City: Geneva