Old St. Pete Craft Spirits

“Welcome to the Sunshine City.” St. Petersburg, Florida is home to an innovative distillery producing rum, vodka, gin, and whiskey. Grant Gunderson wanted the local flavor of the city to play into the packaging, so he took some of the traditional elements in classic spirits bottles and added in some unexpected twists and turns to make it unique.

“Old St. Pete is a craft line made by St. Petersburg Distillery. With year around sunshine, I wanted to capture the spirit of the sunshine city in the 1900's without making it too cheesy because it is still a premium product. Each Spirit has a custom recipe neck tag and custom shipping carton with old postcards of iconic spots in St. Petersburg Florida.”

Small details really add up with these bottles: a sly, winking sunshine above the name “Old St. Pete,” oceanside palm trees, and even a barcode in the shape of the state of Florida. The postcard images on the mini recipe books and cases have a vintage feel, respecting the history of the images they represent. St. Petersburg distillery is clearly proud of their heritage and have incorporated in a tasteful, appealing way.

The label has elegantly drawn images and some sparkling gold to make certain graphics and text stand out. Each bottle’s batch information is on the front, listed at the bottom. On the back, the consumer will find valuable information about the distillery and how the product itself is made, making it an exceptional piece of St. Petersburg culture.


Designed by Grant Gunderson

Country: United States

City: Tampa