Good To-Go

When I was a kid, my dad would drag us out into the mountains for epic week long backpacking trips. Our meals of dense brown bread and cheese left a lot to be desired. If only there had been a product like Good To-Go on the market back when I was a hungry camper in need. Good To-Go is a high-quality line of easy to pack meals for the outdoorsy types. With colorful and modern packaging design by Haigh + Martino, it looks like the new product line is already standing out on the shelves. 

Good To-Go was founded by accomplished chef Jennifer Scism and her husband David Koorits in 2013. The couple had always enjoyed backcountry adventures but had found there weren’t many fresh or delicious meal options on the market to pack with them. This resulted in Jennifer beginning to prepare meals at home, dehydrating them, and then packing them up for the outdoor trips. And, Good To-Go was launched. 

“Jen’s creations were so fresh and delicious that they wanted everyone to be able to enjoy them. And Good To-Go was born!”

 With a new product, a name, and a vision, Good To-Go chose the design team Haigh + Martino to develop the new product’s look and feel. The first step to create packaging that would be unique within the market was to use a bright color palette, steering away from the expected browns and greens associated with outdoors activities. Good To-Go’s packaging is white with bright shades of purple, yellow, red and turqouise used throughout the different meals. 

“Our task was to prepare this delicious dehydrated meal line for introduction to market and relay the high quality of the food, sense of adventure and fun in the visual identity and packaging.”

Always placed in the upper left corner, the Good To-Go logo features a light hearted illustration of an “adventure” path marked by X at the start and finish. Following the art direction of the logo, each package features a variety of outdoorsy icons such as a water bottle, bicycle, tent, and binoculars. Placed together they create a subtle textural element behind the product's name and messaging.

“While most of the freeze dried/dehydrated meals market relied on photography and technical looking packaging motifs, we were able to leverage the idea of serving real and delicious restaurant-quality foods by crafting a colorful and playful identity and packaging system.”

Good To-Go was awarded Backpacker magazine’s Editors Choice award in 2014, which is a testament to the quality and taste of the product. And, here at The Dieline, we give the thumbs up to Haigh + Martino for their solid design work on Good To-Go.   


Designers: Kristy Martino, Dylan Haigh 

Printer: Lightning Labels

Designed by Haigh + Martino

Client: Good To-Go

Country: United States