Crème de la crème

We know we need sun protection when we’re outside, especially during these hot summer days. And now SolRX makes it easy to choose what type of protection you’ll need based on what activities you’ll be doing out in the sun. Alexander Flammier Muskaug has designed the range of sunblock for SolRX, a high-end, eco- and skin-friendly sunblock, that uses clear color coding to indicate which product is best to use in certain situations.

“The highest protection, the 50, is black - no half stepping for the days when your skin will be heavily exposed. That is when you are crossing the Atlantic by kite like Camilla Ringvold or having first ski descent of Mount Everest's North Face by the Norton Couloir like Tormod Granheim. Both are SolRX ambassadors. Maybe you are planning a day by the sea with your kids - they will need reliable protection for careless fun throughout the day. For this you will need the energetic orange 30. Finally, when your skin is getting comfortable with the sun or you are enjoying a scandinavian summer, the fresh blue 15 will most likely be enough.”

The colors used for each tier seem to embrace the implied situations — a cool, calm blue for light activity outside, a cheery yellow for moderate exposure to the sun, and black for the most intense circumstances. The clean, simple appearance gives it a clinical look that consumers can trust, and important information, like that it is water and sweat resistant, is clearly listed on the packaging. By keeping the design minimal, SolRX can appeal to anyone looking for reliable skin care, regardless of gender or age.


Designed by: Alexander Flammier Muskaug

Client: SolRX Europe

Country: Norway

City: Oslo