Henry's Feeds

With well over 100 years in the business, Henry Cole & Co Ltd is one of the major manufacturers and distributors of animal feed in the United Kingdom. Having such rich heritage and reputation for high-quality products, Hills Design was assigned the difficult task of redesigning Henry’s brand, from the identity to their marketing materials. Obviously, it was important to emphasize the history of the brand, but it was equally vital to appeal to new customers and maintain its position as a leader in the market.

“An overview of their product range led to us placing their products into four clear categories, each identifiable by a colour coding system and an array of silhouetted animals worked into the pack’s design. We wanted the logo we created to be both striking and relevant, blending into the natural look and feel of the packaging. By running it vertically down the bags we ensured the brand name would have maximum stand out.”

“Ensuring that we stayed true to the company’s fantastic history and to give the range authenticity, the new design also features a unique heritage stamp, retaining the ears of wheat from the previous logo and combining it with the a hand-drawn script. We then utilised the back of pack to help tell the incredible story of the brand with some copywriting from Hills Design.”

A few simple recognizable elements tie the different varieties together, like the silhouette of farm animals or equipment and some minimal color coding, and the brand name, stamp, and text placement remain consistent. The font choice is bold and contemporary, playing opposite the history of the brand and the pastoral qualities the packaging possesses. The packaging elicits a relaxed and rural feel, both qualities that will interest potential buyers. The decision to share more of the story on the back of the packaging earns even more of the consumer’s trust.


Designer: David Hills 

Illustrator: David Hills 

Printer: Premier Sacks & Packaging Ltd Cheshire UK

Designed by Hills Design

Client: Henry Cole & Co Ltd Cirencester UK

Country: United Kingdom