Duckie Cookie

Like cereal boxes try to use the back of their packaging for educational purposes, Duckie Cookie’s graphics show how Duck Rice is grown while incorporating Taiwanese culture into its perfectly arranged images. Yu-Heng Lin aimed to create icons with bright colors and to take inspiration from Taiwanese window patterns for this new food trend that comes three flavors: Fresh Original Duckie Cookie, Sweet Basil Duckie Cookie, and Peppe Spice Duckie Cookie.

“The cookies made from a kind of special rice, Duck Rice, which is a special natural growing method and new rice-eating culture in Taiwan, Yilan. It’s is a great eco-circle that paddies have bugs and weeds; ducks will eat them, and duck’s excrement will become the paddies’ fertilizer. Rice cookies are usually for babies; however, Duckie Cookie provides the flavors which are suitable for both young and old.”

The images have generally the same layout with small tweaks and adjustments made for each flavor. Window designs and color palettes also change depending on which Duckie Cookie you have.  They are delightfully 2D, reminiscent of older cartoons and entertainment, like a video game we might have played on the Super Nintendo growing up. These line drawings are found on the boxes and individual packaging for each rice product, with the remainder of the design left as a crisp, matte white. This allows the colors and varying designs to stand out.

“I observed that the graphic of baby food is usually hand-drawing. In order to be distinctive from them, I have designed many line-icons with bright colors to represent the specialty of this product in the packaging design. The repetition of symbols represents how Duck Rice was grown, and combines Taiwanese window pattern and rice paddy shape. In addition, I sketched three different duck character which provide more interest and variety.”


Designed by Yu-Heng Lin

Country: Taiwan

City: Taipei