Concept: Saxa Rebrand

Taking the ordinary and transform it into an extraordinary piece of packaging. This is what Charlie Nash has done for his conceptual project. 

The brief he worked towards was to take a famous brand and redesign it in a way that could “Convey originality, craft and storytelling through simple, bold, warm and engaging design.” The new identity also had to be a category breakthrough, be enduring and memorable. 

Charlie chose to rebrand one of Britain’s favourite sea salt, Saxa. An everyday product, usually taken for granted, Saxa is also one of Britain's’ best-known food brands. 

Talking of his approach to the process, the designer comments:” I aimed to explain how salt is made through design. Through research, I found that salt always materialises as a cube and this is what inspired me for both the identity and packaging design.”

The new developed identity focuses on the key elements of the salt creation: sun and sea. The shape of the packaging is unique and ergonomic which reinforces the tagline - as its geometric form allows users easy access to grab ‘a pinch of Saxa’. 

Charlie Nash says: “One of my main objectives was to reposition the brand to hold full ownership of the salt market. The tagline ‘a pinch of Saxa’ is aimed to be catchy and memorable enough to replace the common phrase ‘a pinch of salt’.” To emphasise this, the campaign includes point of view photography to force onlookers to engage with the advertisement alongside the clean, strong typography which allows no distractions other than to repeat the tagline.


Designed by Charlie W. Nash

Country: United Kingdom

City: London