American Tuna

It’s companies like American Tuna that give us hope for the future of our food. They tasked Moxie Sozo with creating a brand for exclusive distribution at Whole Foods. Since they rely on traditional methods to source their fish, they needed a design that would embrace that and appeal to modern consumers who are interested in the origin and fair treatment of the fish they catch.

“American Tuna is owned by six families that practice a generations-old tradition of artisanal pole and line fishing. Keeping in mind the unique way in which they harvest tuna, we developed two brands – Pole & Line and Deck Hand Premium Cat Food – to position the brand as the sustainable tuna of choice that you can trust.”

The illustration on the packaging tells the story of the fishing practice they use with soothing blue, yellow, and white hues. The text is a classic font that looks like something we would see on store signs in a remote fishing town. The thin lines of the ampersand wrap around delicately, situated so that they could be an extension of the fisherman’s line. On top of each can is a label that lists the captain, the ship, and the year the fish was caught, giving a local vibe to a product sold in a large chain grocery store.

“From inception to execution – we impacted every aspect of the brand on store shelves. The new brands quickly grew to over $1 million in sales. Due to their success, the brand now has six new products that will be launching in Whole Foods stores within the next few months.”


Designed by: Moxie Sozo

Country: United States

City: Boulder, CO