El Sabor Libre

Calling all burrito fiends! Kathy Lees has created the design for El Sabor Libre, a line of organic, Mexican-inspired burritos, gazpacho, and lime-infused water. Combining just the right amount of fun with an elegant, hand-written brand name to bring us a burrito we can’t wait to get our hands on.

“My inspiration for this range was Mexican wrestling in Spanish (Lucha Libre). The bright colourful and fun Mexican wrestling masks bring energy, fun and vigour to the branding and packaging. The name ‘El Sabor’ meaning to taste and ‘Libre’ directly referencing Mexican wrestling meaning free.”

“The typography for the logo ‘El Sabor Libre’ is my own hand drawn typography. The branding and artwork were added to various packaging. A range of stickers were created as seals and others to indicate the contents and flavour of the food.”

The bright, illustrated faces of Mexican wrestlers and ingredients like limes and peppers make the perfect backdrop for the labels and packaging. The front or main part of the package keeps information simple and easy to read. Bold colors are still incorporated, but in a more tame manner. Star and wrestler stickers are put on all of the products, giving the packaging more depth and breaking up the repeating design of the background. This could easily appeal to all ages, exciting both young and old about their dinner choices with El Sabor Libre.


Designed by  Kathy Lees

Country: Ireland