Concepts We Wish Were Real

Let's kick-off the weekend with a brand-new collection of the best student and concept work. 

Mannings Bakery Bread Mix


“A brand should grow with its customers and their changing needs.” With this in mind, Ash O’Flanagan has created a concept to help Mannings Bakery extend their reach, both at their cafe and with the products that they sell.  A shop’s identity is the face of the business. It is what people come to recognise, relate to and seek out. Mannings Bakery is the oldest Irish family owned bakery in Dublin today. Situated on Thomas Street in the historical Liberties area the bakery traditionally sold bread and cakes, but now has expanded to that of a cafe setting. Though well known to people who would pass it each day the brand lacked the ability to bring people in from further afield. By creating products, packaging and an identity that can be used across a wide range of applications a brand can expand past the restrictions of its shop walls. The bread mix was one such application that could be put in supermarkets or sold in store so that people could take a little bit of Mannings Bakery home with them, to enjoy making with family and friends.”

The bread mix comes in pleasant pastel colors, with the large “M” logo standing out in the center of the packaging. The container is small and contains the ingredients needed to make each type of bread, perfect for people wanting something delicious and homemade but lacking the time, energy, or resources to start it from scratch.

Two main fonts are used: an all-caps sans-serif around the Mannings Bakery Logo, and a typeface that looks like it was created on a typewriter. The paper packaging that wraps around the bottle and also has information written on the inside, keeping the outside of the label minimal and also giving detailed instructions to get your own Mannings bread started.

Designed by Ash O'Flanagan

Country: Ireland


KOKO Chocolate


Love the way you bite! You would have a crush on one of those chocolate bars. 4 flavors: Mango, Blueberry, Blackberry, Strawberry now can be found melting in your mouth, becoming a fantastic combination of Nature's sweetness. KOKO chocolate is a Malaysian brand. The packages of KOKO is inspired from Malaysian national and well-known flowers.

Designed by Cậu bé Thỏ

Country: Vietnam




What an cool concept! Not only is this flower packaging sustainable but makes caring a bouquet of flower SO much easier. Eco-friendly packaging design that reduces environmental impact.
RE_STORE is an initiative to recover used materials and transform them into new products through design. We used recycled sailboat fabric to design a bag to carry bouquet flowers and also can have a second use to carry fruits or vegetables.

Designed by Laura Aguilar CasadoLoreley VidelaLaura Planas

Country: Spain

City: Barcelona




It's not always easy designing packaging that is minimal and striking. But these students found a way to do just that by experimenting with the logo for Quatre Barres. With a blank canvas, the four horizontal stripes are cut-out, revealing sections of the product. 

Branding and packaging line for the Gourmet Catalonia cluster, which includes a selection of high-quality products in the region. Design based on the simplification of the Catalan senyera that lets you see the product inside.

Designed by Laura Aguilar Casado, De vegasMarta Lladó

Country: Spain


Secret Sip Whiskey


“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” Ernest Hemingway was just a little bit off: there is actually no friend as loyal as a book-shaped whiskey. Kasperi Salovaara concept was inspired by the famous author but has a trendy feel. The drink is intended for those who enjoy drinking finely distilled whiskey, and the bottle can easily be kept on the bookshelf if you’d rather keep it a secret, suitable only for special occasions or those nights when you just want to curl up with a good drink.

“Key aspect in my design: it needs to be simple, recognizable, innovative, trendy but still appreciating the original and authentic industry, logistically functional, something completely different with a touch of humor. In the graphics I concentrated articulately on the brand and the story behind it. I wanted the graphics to be clear, simple, trendy and book-like. The name and the quote ooze sarcasm supporting the brand perfectly. The binding in the bottle gives a great shelf impact and the labels support the book idea.”

Aside from appearing book-like, the rectangular shaped bottles provides logistical efficiency. It’s easier to take on the go than a cylindrical bottle, and when resting next to other bottles there is no wasted space. The front of the bottle has a small label that is a mix of traditional and contemporary, with an aged, off-white background and a modern, minimal text. The bottle is clear, with an opaque black faux book spine, and a small opening at the top with a bronze cap. The amber hue of the whiskey pops out as a pleasant surprise when you pull this black “book” off the shelf.

Designed by Kasperi Salovaara

Country: Finland




When thinking of a woman’s most luxurious possession, an exquisite, lovely perfume may be one of the first things that comes to mind. While it may be small in size, it can literally transform a person, making someone feel like absolute royalty. Saana Hellsten’s concept for ÆNIGMA Eau De Parfum captures all of those feelings, and then some, to create an enticing perfume.

“The meaning of the name of the fragrance, aenigma, is a person, thing, or situation that is mysterious, puzzling, or ambiguous. My fragrance is a warm and spicy evening scent with many dimensions. Aenigma is a bold fragrance for a bold woman. It is for a woman who is independent and strong but also passionate and sensual. Her style is classy with an edgy touch.”ÆNIGMA is indeed a paradox appearing feminine but also ambiguous, lavish but also simple. The model in the promotional shot, Marie D'ovidio, has many feminine qualities, petite features, and impeccable makeup, but she also wears dark nail polish, a studded cuff, and her hair is slicked back in an almost androgynous way. It appeals strongly to the many conflicting roles that a woman feels she must be in her day-to-day life — strong yet delicate, sexual yet chaste, and traditionally beautiful yet unique.   

This eau de parfum embraces those differing qualities, turns them on their head, and uses them in a positive and alluring way. Instead of feeling conflicted, ÆNIGMA proudly owns all of those qualities without question. The bottle has a gorgeous teal gradient, going from clear at the top to deep blue at the very bottom. A gold line runs from top to bottom, sleek and tall. The brand uses crisp whites, rich blues, and an earthy gold, as well as hard lines and geometric shapes with smooth accents.

Designed by Saana Hellsten

Country: United States

City: New York


Boci Tej


The Boci Tej is a four piece product line of school breakfast milks. The compact packaging makes it possible to become a part of school or work snack, due to the label which is removable and foldable. It contains enough milk to cover the recommended daily milk consumption. The target audience is mainly schoolchildren and young ages.

Designed by Nóra Rohmann

Country: Hungary