Market Fresh

Variety is the spice of life, and the wide range that Market Fresh offers stands out in the world of supermarket seasonings. Quatre Mains created a distinct design for Market Fresh, equal parts premium product and also accessible to consumers of any cooking skill level.

“The hand drawn and crafted blackboard typography and illustrations invites the consumer into the world of freshly picked produce whilst bringing an unmissable impact and clarity to its offering. For an additional playful human touch we decided to punctuate each pack with a cheeky tagline, delighting consumers at the second moment of truth and keeping the brand story flowing.”

The idea of a chalkboard as the label is a playful take on a “Soup of the Day” or specials board at a restaurant. Quatre Mains plays up the handwritten style of the font, allowing Market Fresh to appear local and relatable while still easily catching the buyer’s eye. Small graphics grace the bottom of the label, indicative of the product inside, which can easily be seen through the clear plastic or glass containers used to keep the spices fresh.


Designed by: Quatre Mains

Client: Euroma

Country: Belgium