Hamilton and Hare

Sometimes you need to think inside the box. Design Bridge’s refreshing new design for Hamilton and Hare, a line of men’s underwear in London, draws on the company’s British boxing heritage. The identity promotes a “ready for anything” mentality, and the packaging increases the product’s visibility to help it stand out on store shelves.

“Innovative new premium style packaging which maximises product visibility, echoes the shape of the boxing ring and includes a keepsake underwear pouch. The new packaging design also includes a unique corner opening mechanism unlike other underwear brands. Carefully considered design elements reinforce the high level of crafting and attention to detail. Such as the perforated label inspired by old boxing tickets, which seals the new display box and tears as you open it. The graphic lines that feature on the labels represent the ropes of the boxing ring itself.”

“The new identity reflects a sense of pride and strength that encapsulates the shift in the brand. It moves on from the previous logo with two hares locked in battle to the single primed-to-fight hare icon. It’s no longer about the fight; it’s about the commitment, the preparation and the dedication of the individual.”

The new identity appears more focused and has more clarity, and the packaging gives the consumer the best of everything. Buyers can see the product itself, they can get the vital information about the underwear from the side label, and packing each pair individually falls perfectly in line with Hamilton and Hare’s aim to “give underwear the respect it deserves.” The deep blue and off-white hues combined with the simple logo embrace the boxing history that inspires the brand, and the premium packaging subtly hints at a boxing ring without making it blatantly obvious.

Rory Harker, senior designer at Design Bridge, states, “For the Hamilton and Hare refresh campaign we wanted to create a look and feel for the brand that embodied the characteristics of a quintessential boxer; one who is seasoned, effortless, primed, committed and ultimately ‘ready for anything.’”


Designed by Design Bridge

Country: United Kingdom

City: London