"What’s your vibe?" For Goovi, a popsicle brand, Sweety Branding Studio wanted the flavors to be more than just the typical choices. Instead, Goovi offers vibes, and each popsicle has an illustration that represents all sorts of different sensations — perhaps ones you identify with and maybe some you hope to experience.

“Goovi is a brand of ‘Brazilian paletas’ with a young, innovative soul and a wide range of flavours. The name is the union between the words ‘Good’ and ‘Vibes.’ To represent the essence of the brand, we used vibrant colours and situations that bring the ideology of the company. Goovi is good vibes on a stick.”

The loud, bright hues depict a youthful and bold attitude. The different illustrations are done in a similar style and tell a story for the vibe associated with each. The logo is a popsicle with the brand name written from top to bottom, using the lowercase “i” as the popsicle stick. One “o” is nestled within another, hinting at the vibe everyone has within. Although incredibly playful and fun, Goovi’s images embrace emotions and feelings rather than whimsical characters, easily appealing to people of all ages.


Designed by: Sweety Branding Studio

Country: Brazil

City: Porto Alegre