Tiny Empire

Tiny Empire is all about inspiring people to be more healthy by cleansing their bodies with fresh ingredients and pushing toxins out. With a logo inspired by the Sex Pistols, clear bottles are wrapped in an electric green color scheme. This punk rock brand targets an audience in their teenage years in hopes to encourage the young generation that eating right can be really cool. 

"It's a big city. Which is why you can't underestimate the small stuff. After all, it's the small stuff that gets you through–whether it's a swim across the Hudson or a ride on a packed L train. At Tiny Empire, we make small batches of raw, organic, unpasteurized juices that are packed with big flavor and essential nutrients. We find it's all you need to make this city your own." 


Designer: Javas Lehn

Artwork Collaboration: Jason Polan

Designed by Tiny Empire

Country: United States

City: Brooklyn