Gun Club

“Did you get your tickets?” Although this may be a cheesey pick-up line to “the gun show” for some, Leeds brand and design specialist Robot Food used this to their advantage in creating the brand identity for Gun Club.

Gun Club make training supplements and clothing for those who consider the gym an essential part of their lives. The market tends to have a lot of the same types of brands — full of machismo, pseudo-science, and gimmicks — so Robot Food wanted to create a brand that would “enter the sector as a clear winner, not just a contender.” After brainstorming with various positioning options, “Contemporary Grit” was the direction they took the brand in.

“[It] is packed with rebellious attitude, reflecting the lifestyles of those who train hard and play hard. This was the most compelling as it felt completely unexplored territory. The look and feel blended tattoo art, the vintage motorcycle scene, MMA and other edgy urban subcultures.”

“After creating the confident, tongue-in-cheek name, Gun Club, and the strapline, High Caliber Training, Robot Food created monochromatic designs that express a raw, gritty realism and traditional masculinity – ideal for the range’s quality products, which include testosterone booster, fat burner and soon to arrive protein supplements.”

The brand design embodies a section of the gym-going community that, up until this point, hadn’t really been marketed to. Those who identify with the alternative and who are serious about their workouts finally have a brand that speaks to them. The name itself is clever and pokes fun at the company in an intelligent way. The logo incorporates actual guns, further emphasizing the humor, but paired with slightly weathered text it gives a rough, serious appearance.

Simon Forster, Robot Food’s Creative Director, brought a wealth of experience to the project, having a strong background growing sports and lifestyle fashion brands. Simon says, “Our key audience sees training as a way of life. Although the design appears serious, unlike competing brands, it doesn’t take itself too seriously in a tech or sport focused way. It’s proudly masculine with a nu-school twist and stands out as the brand of choice for this hard working contemporary sub-culture.”


Designed by: Robot Food

Country: United Kingdom

City: Leeds