Student: Jules Stein Eye Institute

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world see.” This certainly isn’t the phrase as you remember it, but with Kris Mendoza’s concept for the Jules Stein Eye Institute, it could become just that. Using design for the greater good, Mendoza has created a campaign for the institute to sell eye-care essentials that also benefit the less fortunate.

“The campaign would involve selling an eye-care kit through the institute, which would donate the proceeds to help patients in remote communities in the Philippines receive cataract surgery. The kit includes a pamphlet, eyedrops, a microfiber cloth, reading glasses, and lens cleaning solution. I wanted to elevate the brand to appear more approachable, while maintaining the sophistication of a reputable institution. The goal is to connect the community with Jules Stein, as well as their humanitarian efforts in the Philippines.”

The positive, bright yellow is warm and welcoming, which plays nicely against the white and black backgrounds and text. The kit is compact — a necessity to keep everything organized and easily accessible without being bulky. The products inside are convenient and something that those who wear glasses would use every day, but they are kept relatively minimal so as not to outshine the informational pamphlet which truly is the heart of the project. An Eye for an Eye Project is design that could undoubtedly make a difference.


Designed by Kris Mendoza

Country: United States