La Nébuleuse Co.

We’ll drink to this. The Nébuleuse microbrewery located in Lausanne, Switzerland is celebrating its one year anniversary, and for the occasion Nine61 decided to update the labels. The aim was to “convey a sense of craft, simplicity, and a look rooted in the industrial era.” Lead designer Yannick JN Pian says:

“I created the logo a year ago and all the design elements on the labels were done by myself. A color coding system has been put into place depending on the type of beer and its ingredients. Each new beer label can be created in 30 minutes, thanks to a versatile template and efficient monograms.”

The striking color coding of somewhat unexpected hues and unique designs for each brew stand out against a grainy, slightly weathered white label. The font used for the label is a large, all-caps text that successfully channels the industrial feel Nine61 was hoping for. The amber bottles feel classic and traditional, and there are plans to add an embossed logo as well as a neck stripe to them to complete the design.


Designed by: Nine61

Client: La Nébuleuse Co.

Country: Switzerland