Coppertail Brewing Co.

“A fun-loving, former lawyer named Kent came to SPARK with his dream to build a brewery. He came armed with two things – a name (Coppertail) and an idea from his daughter (the Coppertail is a sea monster). We identified the truths of Kent’s vision, evaluated competition then built a brand story based on encounters with Coppertail.”

Coppertail is an example of a fun and thoughtful design that has a great story behind it. SPARK designed the labels, with intricate illustrations that grace each brew, featuring soulful characters that have big, emotional eyes. Each image is somehow tied to the sea, and the dark browns and weathered tans give an ominous feeling that the Coppertail is out there, somewhere. The logo, a “C” shape formed from the tail of the sea creature, rests on curved lines of ocean waves. Together, the labels tell a rich story while leaving plenty of room for the imagination of the consumer to go to work.

“The ensuing Coppertail brand celebrates the playful and fantastical with an imaginative approach. It champions the freedom to dream up wild and whimsical ideas, embracing tradition while understanding the irony of blending timeless qualities with contemporary experiences. From these understandings came Coppertail’s three core values of Imaginative, Timeless and Ironic.”

“Each of their core values have been realized in Coppertail’s final design and brand execution. It inspired beer names. Influenced labels. Created stories and even encouraged consumers to experience their own encounters. At an event, on the shelf or in someone’s hand, Coppertail would be imaginative – and unmistakable.”


Designed by: SPARK

Country: United States