Quique Cosmetics

While many cosmetic brands rely on bright colors and milky whites in their branding, the midnight black and fiery bronze hues for Quique Cosmetics instantly draws us in. A French line from Marseille, the design by SB—Brands is mysterious and romantic. Founded by Quique M., the line offers quality cosmetics at reasonable prices, however the opaque black products with splashes of metallic elevate the brand to make it appear high-end.

The identity is clear and certainly able to stand out among cosmetic lines of all different types. Quique seems to pull from elements of film noir, both stylish and sexy.

The product line and even the business cards and envelopes are a luxurious matte black, and swirling bronze lines travel across the items. The curved lines seem to instruct the consumer where to place their hands and they almost mimic the movement one would use to open or use the products.


Designed by: SB—Brands

Country: United Kingdom

City: Southampton