Beck's International Premium Beer Trio

With Beck’s new premium line of beer, you literally can “Taste the World,” as their slogan states, and travel to Australia, the UK, and Germany without ever leaving your living room. The Pale Ale, Amber Stock, and 1873 Pils needed to fall in line with Beck’s brand values but also appear independent, and Solutions Branding & Packaging Design took the design challenge on.

“The body label is inspired by the well-known brand architecture, but it was given a new interpretation and has a darker, premium-looking appearance. Other design components were significantly streamlined: The emblem and Beck’s lettering appear uniformly black, which also supports the premium look. The aforementioned deep black elements received a high-gloss lacquer drawing extra attention to the new speciality range through the matt-gloss effect on the label and to add a tactile quality to the label. The colours used for the different varieties are in line with the ingredients.”

The beer is sold in a pack of 4, further emphasizing the premium quality of each brew. The dark green bottle is a signature of Beck’s beer, but the dark black label not only makes these drinks stand out but elevates them to easily compete with other craft beer on the market. Utilizing minimal flashes of color, specific to each type, keeps the look modern and fun, almost like the hues are glowing against the label.

“The bottle cap completes the picture: The matte-glossy effect is a new feature, used for the first time. The colouration of the emblem makes it a real eye catcher and gives it that trademark appearance.”

“Particular attention was also given to the design of the back of the label: In addition to the brand and the name of the variety, a ‘taste-scale’ appears mid-centre. This gives the consumer additional information on the specifics of the beer: alcohol content, hops, flavour and aroma.”


Designed by: Solutions Branding & Packaging Design

Country: Germany

City: Hamburg