Although people love to frequent shopping centers, these plazas tend to lack personality or an intriguing identity. Anagrama created the design for Andenes, a new type of shopping center in Mexico. Using bright colors and minimalist graphics, it appears exciting and fun but still has the potential for attracting a vast audience.

“Andenes is a new project model for mixed-use shopping centers established in Monterrey, Nuevo León. It intends to convey values such as good experiences, universality, entertainment, and serve as a meeting point for young people and adults. Our branding proposal starts by communicating the fun and friendly personality of the shopping center, and then adds a modern and dynamic feel and implements cozy elements to communicate its wide accessibility.”

The simple font and dazzling colors set the shopping center apart from all others, making it modern almost futuristic. The pinks, purples, and blues evoke positive emotions, and additionally allow full-color photographs to stand out. By keeping the graphics relatively low-key, it also allows for expansion.  

“The brand was created to have the ability to be replicated and applied in different areas under the same branding. The visual identity is scalable and can be adapted to any place so its architecture can stand out. The branding identity is inspired by the gift-giving experience and everything that surrounds it; including the materials, colors, and different levels that are created under this same concept.”


Designed by: Anagrama

Country: Mexico