Pig's Pearls

Pigs get a bad reputation, but the design for Pig’s Pearls by Daniel Barba allows us to view them in a different light. Using the Victorian age and English engraving of the late nineteenth century as inspiration, we see pigs as regal kings with refined taste.

The design immediately sets the tone for this Guadalajara-based gourmet burger restaurant. This clearly isn’t just another greasy burger joint — this is where you go for premium ingredients and unique meals. Combining colors of off-white with black text and gold accents, and an all-caps font with a vintage twist, the Victorian inspiration shines.

The Pig’s Pearls logo stars a large pig wearing an elaborate crown, full of personality and even a little bit of humor. Product containers are an opaque black, slightly unusual and different, further elevating the brand with distinct characteristics.


Designed by Daniel Barba

Country: Mexico

City: Guadalajara