JOHO's Direct Trade Coffee

“Good coffee is great. But the best coffee is even greater. And there is one man who knows where to find it.” For a coffee to boast that it’s the perfect one to exist, it needs to have an exciting and deliberate design to go with it. moodley brand identity created a simple, striking look for JOHO's resealable coffee bean bags.

“Johannes Hornig traveled the world in search for the perfect bean for the perfect coffee. And he returned with a very special souvenir: JOHO’s Direct Trade. The concept of direct trade is simple. Farmers are guaranteed fair conditions and the customers receive a great product in first-class quality – benefits for the roaster and the farmer. And for coffee lovers, of course. moodley has not only given JOHO’s his name and packaging, but also perfectly embedded the new concept into the world of J. Hornig.”

With a clean, white package and bold red lettering, the brand is unmistakeable. A colored marker indicates the different bean origins, creating an easy identifier for the consumer. The bags are free of clutter, indicative of the straightforward and easy idea behind direct trade. A resealable bag keeps the beans fresh and also takes up less space as the buyer uses the coffee beans inside.


Designed by moodley brand identity

Country: Austria