Doves Farm Organic Flour

It is a constant challenge that brands face: how do you stand out among your competitors but also remain true to the heart of the brand? Studio h took on this challenge with Dove Farm Organic Flour and created a standout look that clearly conveys the values of the company.

“As a long established brand selling in supermarkets through to small independent health shops, the challenge was to increase their shelf presence against the larger, louder flour brands whilst retaining the brand's artisanal essence and ethical values. Studio h simplified the pack architecture by reducing the amount of copy and changing the logo to one colour.”

By not using white packaging and incorporating watercolor images, the design sets it apart from all other flour brands on the shelf. At the same time, the illustrations are used to give the ingredient a more premium vibe and also to inspire and encourage buyers.

“Continuing the Doves Farm tradition of illustrative packaging, illustrations have been created with a loose, informal recipe book style showing the baking process from a recipe on the back of pack. The illustrations are intended to show slightly imperfect baking to encourage everyone that baking is easy and it doesn't matter if the end result doesn't look perfect! They have also been designed to be practical for the basic print process where the imperfections add to the artisan feel.”


Designed by Studio h

Country: United Kingdom

City: London