Craft Tamale

Nothing’s better than mom’s cooking. To create the branding for Craft Tamale, a restaurant in San Diego, California, Futura turned to the history of tamales and the traditional way they were made. The result is a modern look infused with culture.

“We took the flavor and tradition of this symbolic dish, and went back on time to realize that most of the Mexicans used to eat this at their Grandmother’s place.  This memory is not only formed by flavor, but it also includes scents and a lot of beautiful details hanging of the walls. That’s why the Branding concept revolves around the cross-stitch. That famous graphic resource that we all know well and somehow it always reminds us that we are safe at ‘Home.’”

The bold, bright hues are contemporary, but also are a hint to colorful homes one might see in a city in Mexico. The cross-stitch is clean and classic, and also gives the restaurant a small-town, local feel. Futura allows the brilliant colors and cross-stitch graphics to do much of the talking for the brand, leaving text minimal. The clean and pure appearance is indicative of the exclusively organic ingredients used in Craft Tamale’s food.

“Our reinterpretation of this resource combined with the color selection, typographical treatment and the tone of voice, turns Craft Tamale into a brand that knows well its customers and knows exactly how to treat them. Craft Tamale offers a Mexican dish that provokes nostalgia. But the graphic solution makes us want to walk the streets with a cup of hot chocolate (‘Hotter than Jenny’) making people staring and smiling at us.”


Designed by Futura

Country: Mexico

City: Mexico City