A fresh and bright identity for Indibucha, a 'kombucha brew' made with probiotic, effervescent fermented tea. 

The packaging, designed by Luisa Rheinlander at Manifesto Design, reflects the natural qualities of the brew and also gives it a crafted, boutique feel. Commenting on the back of the pack, Luisa Rheinlander says: “As kombucha isn't a particularly well known beverage, the label has to display information explaining what it is, as well as the benefits of the drink, which is treated typographically.” 

The name of the brand is very evocative. Indibucha is a combination of the words 'individual' and 'kombucha', and is based on the concept that we are all unique and have individual health and lifestyle requirements. This is the reason why the Indibucha logo replicates scoby and a happy individual, giving the brand a 'face' and personality.


Designer: Luisa Rheinlander 

Designed by Manifesto Design

Country: Australia

Elizabeth Freeman