Concepts We Wish Were Real

Before you head out this Memorial weekend, be sure to check out concepts and student work we wish were real all of which would be perfect for a Memorial Day activity if they were only real. 



Interesting things happen in design where opposing elements meet. Miao Wujian Design Studio’s concept for GUIZHOU MINORITIES SILK aims to walk the line between contemporary and classical. With illustrations of silk weavers at work and graphics inspired by Guizhou, the consumer is instantly transported to a different time and place. The images of silk flow down the package in gorgeous patterns, swirling and piling up, almost creating optical illusions. 

“Through using modern technology and the combination of Guizhou traditional batik process, its silk scarves combine the characters of both modern and traditional and described as the flower of oriental art. This idea condensed in this brand integrates traditional and modern, fashion and  aesthetic, practice and culture.”

“The brand explains the meaning of fashion, individuality, lasting appeal, the ornament of self-restraint carrier. The design of this brand tries to break the boundary between modern and tradition in order to establish a genuine brand and a moving feeling in consumers' minds.”

Designed by Miao Wujian Design Studio

Country: China


Orchard Garden


The idea was to create a line of organic local goods that would take up less space in an urban lifestyle home. The spices are sold with magnetic bottoms so it frees up space in overcrowded apartment/loft cabinets and you can attach directly to the fridge. With the spice names on the lid so you can organize your spice rack however you like. The design appeals to young professionals who appreciate an organic diet, and live within the contour of their homes.

Designed by Nicola Broderick

Mentor: Tom McNulty

Country: United States


McCormick Spices Redesign


My intent is to redesign the McCormick Spices. Give it a brand new look and update the packaging. I am going to try and make it more appealing to costumers and reach more of a broader market, including being appealing to both genders. I also want the new design to feel that it can express higher quality, which can later help increase sales. 

Spices have been around for a long time and the packaging and branding has changed with the times but it seems that some of McCormick’s products still have an outdated look to them and could use a redesign and rebranding. Their current branding features a red label and script writing for the logo. This can be hard to read for some people, which can lead a customer to just pass on the other brand. The red can also be a bold and strong color, which can be harsh at times too, although it is often associated with food too. But I think the color needs to be changed as well. This is also being done to help this brand stand out from its competitors, rather than just blending in. 

I plan to create this rebranding with simple packaging that is also appealing and a little out of the norm compared to other spice companies. I plan to use glass containers or vintage looking tins to hold the spices. I think it is a good idea to be able to see the spices and for the vintage, giving it a throw back feel to it. I also want to simplify the text on the packaging, not as much type on it and use more symbols and designs to communicate what the spice is and what it smells/tastes like. I want to give the labeling a more structured look to it. I want to go in a scientific/vintage direction, making the labeling look like scientific labels or stamps. I think this rebrand will benefit the brand a lot.

Designed by Erin Love

Country: United States


Organic Rolled Oats 


The gist of this project was to make an Oats package exude organic, while also designing it to stand out on a shelf with similar organic products. I chose to solve this problem by using two materials, burlap for the bag and green card stock for the tag. I printed and assembled all the pieces myself, even down to the burlap bag (with some family help for the sewing of course. Hi Mom!). I chose a sans-serif typeface that had some history, mainly in being on the side of old grain/feed mills typically found in rural Alberta and Saskatchewan. Finally I kept the nutrition info on the inside of the tag, specifically to give the consumer the choice to view it, while not compromising the overall design, while also complying to the standards set by the Government of Canada (which help explain the french side of the bag, eh!)

Designed by Kyle Ische

Creative Director: Mike Powell & Tom Masters

Country: Canada


YISE: The Modern Traditional Tea


YISE is a Korean word meaning "Second Generation" 

YISE is a tea brand that brings inspiration from traditional Korean culture to the modern lifestyle of Los Angeles. The main purpose is to incorporate tea as part of a healthy lifestyle and welcomes anyone who is interested in the Korean tea culture.

Designed by Daiana Kim

Mentor: Jerry Jankowski & Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia

Country: United States




Growing up, I would visit my grandpa in a rural farm town in the thumb of eastern Michigan. He was a volunteer firefighter and extremely tall, so everyone called him "Silo". He would create this liquor concoction called Stumpblower in his garage and it became really well-known throughout the community. He passed away about 10 years ago but this year, I decided to recreate his original recipe for a packaging project at school in his honor. Each bottle is individually numbered and his signature was taken from documents found from when he purchased his house. Everything he created was small batch, so the tamper label was added as a reinforcement and a reminder that it is a local, handmade mixture.

Designed by Nicole "Shack" Shackelford

Country: United States